Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Xmas Delights!

Ho Ho Ho..Merry Christmas everyone!
'Pinky' frozen strawberry cream cheese cake

As promised before to my dearest friend Nini (who's also my partner in crime..upps..in working-to be correct), I made her these two desserts for her Xmas day with family, Tiramisu and Frozen Strawberry Cream Cheese. Couldn't trust the delivery with courier so I had to deliver it myself at Xmas Eve to her house, just to make sure it gets there safe and sound.

Fresh strawberry & strawberry palleta

I must say, I'm a bit clueless on decorating cakes. I have these great ideas on my mind about decorating it, but to put it on reality, oh well...It didn't even close to what I've imagined! Ha ha.. I guess I need to buy more decorating books as my reference.

Tiramisu with 'minimalist' decoration

Anyway, have a joyful day and Happy Holiday!

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