Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Chocolate Melted Cake with Raspberry

Chocolate Melted Cake with Raspberry

Last time me and Nini went to Senayan City and had this cake in one of cafe there. It's chocolate cake layers with chocolate mousse and has a raspberry hint inside of it. Taste wise it's good! I like the combination of chocolaty and the sourness from the fruit. It's weird that the combination actually works!

Killing my boredom from working (coz tomorrow is a holiday yeeyy..) I quickly ran to the kitchen and start making a cake based on that taste. Huh? ya ya.. it's one of my advantage being able to work from home, so you could do anything on your break time, which this time I choosed to bake a cake :P

Cake cut into half - melted chocolate with raspberry..hmmm

I wanna make a cake that has melted chocolate inside combine with fresh raspberry. Using a new recipe for chocolate cake and adding some ingredients on it, baked around 20 minutes and voila... the cake is ready and yes..I did get the 'melted' effects of it. And the cake it self taste more moister than last recipe I usually used.

Remembering today is my work out time, so It shouldn't be a problem for me eating 2 cakes straight ahead Haha...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Violet Cupcake

It's Blueberry cupcake. My friend order this to her mom in law's bday. Somehow, the journey on delivery was not too friendly. They got into her place with a really messed condition! I could not believe my eyes when she quickly took a photo of of those cupcakes condition's and send MMS to me.. Huaaaa what a disaster! :"(

Don't know how, the cake was like jumping around to another, so the cream was all over the place! I think my cupcake base (the silver paper) was not larger enough to go with the white box (eventho' the box has its own ring already to make the cake stay steady). Ahh just too bad. I will not use the silver base again with that box, which I just realized it's too small to get inside the ring based, so there're still spaces that could make it moves around. Oh well, will do better next time..

Strawberry Mousse

This is my 1st time making mousse and turns out really easy and really good... I love how the taste, sweet and sour! Send 2 glasses to Nini and she like it a lot -the mousse (except the jelly was a bit hard and I must say it was! haha :P).. Gonna do other experiment on flavor and work with the jelly :D

My 2nd Order of Macarons

My Friend went to Singapore and I would not want to miss this occasion to order (again) another macarons from Evan (dessertcouture.blogspot.com). Besides that, my friend also made an order so totally we ordered 3 sets of mini macarons (That's total of 9 boxes, each box contains 12 mini macarons with 3 kinds of flavors)..isn't that a great offer or what?!!..

Macarons-black sesame & chocolate valrhona flavor

One of the thing that impressed me, the macarons last 1 week on the fridge and still taste great. Why 1 week? Coz I kindda safe it night after night to eat it haha.. while my friend got it on the fridge for almost 2 weeks! which was still fine and the taste still the same! Here are some photos of the last 2 boxes I got.. Arrgghh I could still smell the orange poppyseed, the sesame and the Valrhona Chocolate!! They're all delicioso!

Macarons-graine de pavot (orange poppyseed) & pistachio

Macarons-black sesame, chocolate valrhona, caffe,
graine de pavot (orange poppyseed), pistachio flavor - Aren't they all looks georgeous?

Thank you so much Evan for your effort on our last minutes order. Will repeat orders when we get there again hehe :D

Macha Cupcake

Made a matcha cupcake for my dearest client. I still have to work the recipe to get a moist cake which I dunno how to get it. Anyway I'll just have to keep practicing :)

My one (and only) favorite photo spot

Hiaahhh stelah keenakan liburan..(yang liburan anaknya, emaknya ikut2an..) akhirnya ngupdate juga blog. Padahal kerja siihhh ketemu komputer juga setiap hari.. tapi ga tau knapa mo upload-upload beraattt banget rasanya. Specially koneksi internet kadang suka lambreta jadinya keburu males deee..

Anyway..seblumnya udh mengajukan surat permintaan maaf kpada sang empunya event..(pake acara 'on bended knee' ala-ala upik abu) huaaa Ditaaaa...:"(.. udah mempersiapkan segudang alasan ketelatan akhirnya mikir halah salah sendereee yare yare yaraaa..akhirnya memberanikan diri untuk tetappp ikutan HOME FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY #3 yang pdhal deadlinenya udah entah dari kapan.

Smoga ga expect kalo studio odong-odong-kuh ada lighting, foam board-nya segala..ohh tidaakk jauuhh dari ituu!!! Cuma bermodalkan kursi putih beli di ACE HARDWARE beberapa tahun yang lalu (yang skarang udah mulai berdaki :() dan lighting natural dari luar garasi. Yah bginilah nasib kalo rumah menghadap ke Barat, jadi ga nerima matahari masuk ke rumah :P

Nah, bginilah penampakannya si studio seadanya ala mamapindi:

Hehehe bener kan kataku 'seadanya'.. so far karena elmu fotografi masi terbatas, jadi masi ngandelin natural lighting dari balik pager yang nah itu kayaknya ke 'sensor' bikin jadi 'adem' gara-gara plastik putih si pager.. Dan kalo jam-jam fotonya beda, hasil warna fotonya juga bikin beda.. yang pasti pagi benerrr kalo mau bright, sore hari kalo mo efek soft.. Sedangkan kalo tengah hari bolong is a big No No untuk ambil gambar! Selain cahayanya ga bagus, malah jadi ada bayang2nya..hih!.

Oc deh, skian laporan event HFP #3. Yang #4 apa ya Diiitt?? jadi deg-deg-an...

Link: HFP#3 Round Up