Monday, July 28, 2008

Violet Cupcake

It's Blueberry cupcake. My friend order this to her mom in law's bday. Somehow, the journey on delivery was not too friendly. They got into her place with a really messed condition! I could not believe my eyes when she quickly took a photo of of those cupcakes condition's and send MMS to me.. Huaaaa what a disaster! :"(

Don't know how, the cake was like jumping around to another, so the cream was all over the place! I think my cupcake base (the silver paper) was not larger enough to go with the white box (eventho' the box has its own ring already to make the cake stay steady). Ahh just too bad. I will not use the silver base again with that box, which I just realized it's too small to get inside the ring based, so there're still spaces that could make it moves around. Oh well, will do better next time..

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