Monday, November 25, 2013

Candied Sweet Potato (DAIGAKU IMO, 大学芋)

A yummy japanese dessert and it's really easy to make.

I'm using recipe from JustOneCookBook. Here are the ingredients:
  • 11 oz. (300g) Japanese sweet potato
  • 3 Tbsp. vegetable oil
  • 5 Tbsp. sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. soy sauce
  • 1/4 tsp. rice vinegar
  • 1 tsp. roasted black sesame seeds 
How to:
  1. Wash the sweet potato carefully, as we don't peel the skin off.
  2. Cut diagonally while rotating the sweet potato a quarter between cuts. This Japanese cutting technique is called “Rangiri”. 
  3. Soak in water for 15 minutes to remove starch. Change the water a few times. 
  4. Wrap the frying pan’s lid with kitchen cloth. This is to prevent condensation on the lid dripping into sweet potatoes while cooking. 
  5. Do not heat the frying pan yet. Add sugar, oil, soy sauce and rice vinegar in the pan and combine all together. 
  6. Dry the sweet potatoes completely with paper towel and place in the pan. 
  7. Cover with the lid and turn on the heat to medium.
  8. When you hear bubbling sound from the pan, turn the heat to low to medium-low, and set timer for 2 minutes. Open the lid and flip the sweet potatoes every 2-3 minute so that all sides will have nice golden brown color and get flavored. 
  9. Depends on the size of sweet potatoes, the cooking time varies, cook for 8-10 minutes or until an inserted skewer goes through smoothly (I personally prefer it a bit tougher than completely soft texture). Now transfer to the serving plate/bowl and sprinkle black sesame seeds. 
* Vinegar helps the sugar from hardening when it cools down.

For complete step by step photo and video, visit here.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

#SundayCooking: East Meet West

Made 2 different dishes for this Sunday Lunch.

For son, Chicken Teriyaki with Red Rice and Stir Fry Veggies.
For us, Pan Fried Dory with Butter and Black Pepper cream sauce. Served with Grilled Yams, Mushroom and Veggies.

Chicken Teriyaki with Veggies
Chicken Teriyaki with Stir Fry Veggies

Pan Fried Dory Fish
Pan Fried Dory with Butter & Black Pepper cream sauce

Bon Appetit!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sosis Brood with Cheese

Sosis Brood with Cheese

Sosis Brood or Beef sausage in a pastry. 
When you bought a ready to use pastry, it came in a lot quantity.
I have been using it for making a Zuppa Soup lately, but still there're plenty of them.

I remember I had this really nice Sosis Brood from Bawean (one of the most popular bakery in Bandung). My working partner brought me one, and I have never taste it before. At first I didn't know what the name was, when I heard it's called Sosis Brood, I instantly google it.
Basically it's a pastry with beef sausage inside with a cheese (optional) or whatever you like (some of it has veggies).

Sosis Brood with Cheese

Since I still have this plenty of ready pastry, so I'm gonna make one for an Afternoon snack.
I'm using recipe from here.

I made it in mini bite size, family love it!

Frozen Banana


A quick and simple healthy snack. Using only banana, chocolate (melted), peanut butter, almond, dried coconut and pistachio.

How to:
Cut Banana into desired sizes.
Coat some of it with Peanut Butter or Chocolate Melt.
Coat with Almond or Pistachio or Dried Coconut.
Put them into the freezer until it's chill.


NAMA Green Tea Chocolate

 Nama Green Tea

Another attempt re-creating Nama Chocolate, this time with Green Tea Flavor.

I still haven't got the melting texture that I want, but hubby said it's close enough with the real one. One thing I like that you could really taste the bitter from Green Tea flavor mixed with the sweetness from chocolate. I still want to do another batch with slightly changing some ingredients to get the taste and texture that I really want.

Well maybe next week. Now I'm really overdosed by Chocolate! XP

Nama Green Tea

NAMA Chocolate

Hello there my neglected blog.
Sorry for being very busy (or lazy?) so I forgot to update you in such a long time :P
Okay from now on let's be in touch again as often as we can :D

I've been craving for one of Popular Japanese Chocolate: Royce Chocolate - NAMA Chocolate. Last time we had it when we're in Singapore (that was last year), and since then I never had one. I noticed they already open here in Jakarta, in 2 popular malls. But I haven't got a chance to buy them and since it's already in Rupiah price, somehow I feel like it's bloody expensive :P

I remember when I met my Singaporean friends, she said (when she knew that I bought that chocolate) "You know that actually it's not that hard to make one". I believe what she said at that time, because she's a really good home baker who could make Macarons in her 1st attempt! She said, basically it's the same texture like Chocolate Ganache. While I'm eating that chocolate I was like "Hey she's right!".

So I'm curious to try make one. I browse through internet and yes, you can almost find anything nowadays. I bumped into this blog Just One Cook Book and fell in love with her blog instantly. Not only because the food photography are amazingly beautiful, but she also put step by step with the photo of ingredients on the recipes. Who wouldn't love all those details!!! **Subscribe her blog straight away**

Anyway, she had this recipe for NAMA Chocolate, and yes, it's basically a chocolate ganache, dusted with Cocoa Powder for the finishing touch. Many of recipes there in different blogs, but I'm gonna try make one from her blog.
So here it is, a homemade NAMA Chocolate. It's easy to make, and addicting. One bite, two bites, never enough. I already forgot the real texture from Royce one, but for me this one is already close enough. I'm Happy :D

Nama Chocolate

Nama Chocolate

Click here for the recipe. Enjoy :D