Saturday, November 23, 2013

NAMA Chocolate

Hello there my neglected blog.
Sorry for being very busy (or lazy?) so I forgot to update you in such a long time :P
Okay from now on let's be in touch again as often as we can :D

I've been craving for one of Popular Japanese Chocolate: Royce Chocolate - NAMA Chocolate. Last time we had it when we're in Singapore (that was last year), and since then I never had one. I noticed they already open here in Jakarta, in 2 popular malls. But I haven't got a chance to buy them and since it's already in Rupiah price, somehow I feel like it's bloody expensive :P

I remember when I met my Singaporean friends, she said (when she knew that I bought that chocolate) "You know that actually it's not that hard to make one". I believe what she said at that time, because she's a really good home baker who could make Macarons in her 1st attempt! She said, basically it's the same texture like Chocolate Ganache. While I'm eating that chocolate I was like "Hey she's right!".

So I'm curious to try make one. I browse through internet and yes, you can almost find anything nowadays. I bumped into this blog Just One Cook Book and fell in love with her blog instantly. Not only because the food photography are amazingly beautiful, but she also put step by step with the photo of ingredients on the recipes. Who wouldn't love all those details!!! **Subscribe her blog straight away**

Anyway, she had this recipe for NAMA Chocolate, and yes, it's basically a chocolate ganache, dusted with Cocoa Powder for the finishing touch. Many of recipes there in different blogs, but I'm gonna try make one from her blog.
So here it is, a homemade NAMA Chocolate. It's easy to make, and addicting. One bite, two bites, never enough. I already forgot the real texture from Royce one, but for me this one is already close enough. I'm Happy :D

Nama Chocolate

Nama Chocolate

Click here for the recipe. Enjoy :D

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