Friday, January 20, 2012

Mojito Macarons

This is one of my experiment of making Macarons. I really love virgin mojito. It's really refreshing with it's lime soda, a bit of mojito and fresh mint. I wonder what would it be if I could make it as a macarons? I've browse the recipe and found one that I think I could give it a try.

I was thinking to get a sweet and sour from the lime as a taste. The shell would be the sweet part and the filling would be the sour.

Although it wasn't quite as I've expected, but the results was quite OK. The shell has a fresh fragrant from grated lime and the filling tasted creamy and sour :D

 I would try to perfecting the recipe once I get back to my kitchen.

Innards: Cream cheese with lime zest and mint.

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