Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fresh From The Oven!

Yipii ya yeyyyy.. I can make a Pizza!!!
After browsing around the net, I finally got a recipe for making the real 'Italian Pizza dough' (it was claimed like that on the title :P).

When it comes to Pizza, I like it much much better if it's thin and a bit crunchy on side. The topping, anything would be fine for me. Pepperoni, Beef, Seafood or even Veggies.. I love it all! I remember when I was in New York back then, my family ordered a large of Pizza (forget the name of the place)..Large as in..real Large!!! The pizza was thin, and a lots of mozarella spread on top.. and they baked it in a traditional brick stove.. which made the flavor absolutely 100 times even better!!! Didn't really care what kind of beef was put on as the toppers I ate 4 real big slices alone! And I think all the bacon's product was inside of it too, maybe that's why it tasted real good :P (I'm a muslim so I can only eat halal food, no bacon etc..)--Please Forgive me GOD--

Pizza Dough - Made it Round ala Martabak style (close enough)

I had a funny experience with my favorite Pizza from Pizza H** back then at Sydney. They had this thin Pizza with stuffed crust on side (melted cheese ofcourse)..and the beef was really really yummy. For a Large portion (that would be 8 slices, real large size)..I could ate almost 6 slices alone and drink Coke after (yaikks.. no wonder I gained so much weight back then!).. Until one day, my good muslim ex-room mate shared her thoughts, whenever she ordered pizza, she made a special request of not putting any beef that contains/made from pork as the toppers..

Spreading the Mozzarella Cheese - The overall look before...

So one day, remembering what she'd said to me, and I'm thinking it's time to be a good muslim too (trying to be more concerned for what kind of beef they put on).. I rang the Pizza H** to get a delivery, after picking which Pizza that I want then I said:
MP: "could I make a special request please?"
PH: "Yes, certainly, how we could help you?"
MP:"Could you please not to put any beef that contains pork as the topper. Because I'm a muslim, I can not eat pork"..
PH:"Sure, that'll be no problem.."
MP: "Thank you very much.."
PH:"..Uhmm.. I reckon that would include all the beef such as bacon, smoked ham,....... because it's also made from pork"
MP: "Ok, that's fine.. take them all out"..
PH: "Allright, that'll be $xx, and will be delivered to you not more than 45 minutes, Thank you"
MP: "Thank You"
And when the Pizza man came up, paid him.. I can not wait to eat my favorite Pizza. I assumed they will take only couple things on the Pizza, until I opened the box... TARRAAAAA....
They took all the GOOD THINGS that I ate all this time.. only slices of beef sausages and melted cheese left!.. ALL THIS TIME I ATE BACON and HAM???..and THOSE BEEF WHICH MADE THE PIZZA TASTE REAL GOOD??.. Arrggh..Thank's to ME for being honest!!!..HA HA HA :P

(but the regrets didn't stay very long..I get used to the 'new no-pork' PIZZA very well after) :D

The overall look after... - Ready to eat them!

Italian woodfired Pizza Base (Ind. Language)
taken from ResepKita.com -Yani77

  • 3 cups terigu
  • 1 cup air (hangat kuku)
  • 1 sdm garam
  • 1 sdm gula pasir
  • 1 sdm yeast (Fermipan, etc)
  • 2 sdm minyak (olive oil/canola/sunflower oil lebih bagus krn tidak terlalu berlemak)
  • extra minyak untuk mengoles mangkok
  • Baking paper

  1. Terigu, gula pasir, garam dan yeast di campur dan aduk rata. Masukkan air hangat dan minyak >saya pakai olive oil, aduk rata (dibantu pakai tangan). Ulen dengan tangan +/- 10-20 menit atau sampai adonan bisa mengembang kembali bila ditekan dengan jari dan permukaan adonan kelihatan halus. Pindahkan adonan ke dalam mangkok yang sudah diolesi minyak, tutup dengan clingwrap atau kain serbet bersih sampai ukurannya mengembang dua kali lipat. Jangan menaruh mangkok dekat kompor.
  2. Setelah mengembang dua kali lipat, perlahan-lahan tekan adonannya supaya udaranya keluar. Bulatkan adonan seperti bola dan tutup kembali dengan clingwrap atau kain serbet. Diamkan selama 1 jam.
  3. Setelah 1 jam, bagi adonan menjadi 3 bagian dan bulatkan. Keluarkan adonan satu persatu and giling adonan tersebut menjadi pizza base dengan ketinggian sesuai selera. Anda bisa memilih sesuai selera, pizza base apa yang anda suka, thick base, classic crust atau thin base. Supaya praktis, giling adonan ini di atas baking paper yang sudah dipotong seukuran pizza supaya mudah dipindah-pindah. >kalo saya bikinnya di loyang kurker, di taburin terigu dulu, baru adonan di bentuk bulat sperti martabak di atasnya (tapi gak pakai acara di puter2 karena gak bisa hehe).
  4. Adonan ini cukup untuk membuat 3 pizza ukuran besar (classic crust base).>kalo untuk ukuran medium bisa jadi-nya banyak, apalagi yang mini size :D
Untuk isi, taruh bahan-bahan di bawah ini secara berurutan supaya isi pizza melekat dan tidak hancur. Tidak perlu disisakan jarak sedikit di ujungnya untuk mebuat pizza crust karena ujungnya akan mengembang dengan sendirinya.
  1. Light Mozarella cheese atau Mozarella cheese saja boleh. Cheese yang lain tidak bisa dipakai karena lelehannya tidak sebagus dan sekuat mozarella untuk mengikat dan menutup isi pizza. Tabur secara merata sampai dasar pizza tertutup tapi jangan terlalu tebal.
  2. Sayur-sayuran seperti irisan bawang bombai, capsicum, jagung manis, tomat, cabe, etc. Isi pizza tidak harus seperti yang dijual di toko. Isinya boleh apa saja yang anda suka.
  3. Daging. Jangan pusing-pusing. Ada leftover masakan apa yang anda punya di kulkas?? Ayam goreng,daging sapi cincang, empal, etc. Boleh diisi ke dalam pizza.
  4. Saus. Boleh saus tomat, barbeque sauce, chilli sauce.
  5. Tabur sedikit garam dan lada hitam di atas bahan-bahan yang sudah diisi untuk menambah rasa.
  6. Tabur lagi Mozarella cheese di atas bahan-bahan tersebut sampai tertutup rata. Tapi jangan terlalu tebal.
Panggang di dalam oven yang sudah dipanaskan dengan suhu 220C. Kalau bisa, lebih bagus pakai pizza stone (panggangan pizza yang terbuat dari batu atau terracota). Tapi kalau tidak ada, loyang aluminium juga boleh. Yang penting panasnya bisa merata ke semua bagian pizza ini. Panggang selama 10-20 menit (sesuai ketebalan pizza base). Setelah matang langsung dipotong menjadi delapan bagian dan hidangkan panas-panas.

Resep pizza ini adalah resep Italian woodfired pizza. Bukan seperti pizza H** dan sejenisnya. Rasanya lebih gurih dan wangi apalagi jika dipanggang dengan woodfired oven.

Selamat Mencoba :D


Yes, I'm 32 Years Old now! Growing older, but still young at heart (hopefully for always) :D
Remembering 10 years back then, I was just finished my college at Sydney and back for good to Jakarta then started looking for a job as a Graphic Designer.

And now, 10 years latter, I'm here in front of my own new imac 22", already working independently from home (still as a Graphic Designer) and a mom to 5 years old son.

There's no other word that I could describe than 'Blessed'...
I've been Blessed by Allah S.W.T for the life that I live in... At this age, I'm in a good health (10 times better than I was younger, absolutely!), I have a great-loving husband.. a wonderful son..a close family..and you, all my dearest friends.

Wouldn't trade anything for all the blessing that I have :D.. I'm thankful for everything, for better or even worst conditions.. After all, hey..that's life!

..Thank you again Ya Allah.

My Homemade '32' Birthday Cake

By Figo, my 5 y.o son on his favorite white board
(he thought I'm 31 y.o..hehe)

Note: Cake-Chocolate sponge cake soak in rhum, filled and covered with bitter sweet chocolate ganache.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Macaroni Schotel

Found an old magazine with Macaroni Schotel recipe in it, gave me an urge to do this meal for my weekend's project. This is my first attempt to try it, and I'm surprised it's actually soo easy to make. My son loving it, my hubby too.. It was meant for our lunch and dinner, unfortunately it's all gone before dinner time :D Ha ha...

Monday, February 11, 2008

An Effortless Meal for Breakfast

I bought a french bread last night after I've finished my work out time at PIM. I'm soo lovin' this bread. Yes it's a bit hard to chew outside but I enjoy the taste when it's just plain or even more..love it with a cheese spread on..oww so yummy!

Not knowing what to make this morning for breakfast and I don't have the whole energy to cook.. I came up with a very simple idea of making an effortless bruschetta..'the look' will definitely trick you that it's actually soooo easy to make it!

Easy Bruschetta

  • French Bread (cut in pieces)
  • Beef Sausage (or you can replace it with smoked beef, chicken, etc- cut it small)
  • Margarine
  • Tomato Sauce (or Pizza Sauce)
  • Dry Oregano
  • Mozarella Cheese
  • Parsley (chopped)

Parsley or Basil leaf

  1. Cook sausage with margarine, set a side
  2. Spread tomato sauce on french bread (1 side), then put some sausages on top of it.
  3. Pour some dry oregano leaf
  4. Add mozarella cheese on top, to cover the sausages as many as you like
  5. Sprinkle chopped parsley
  6. Oven at 180C until the cheese are melted, garnish with parsley or basil leaf on top, then serve while still warm.
so easy right?

I also made some more and bring them to my parents house. They like it as much as I do..so glad!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Blueberry Cheese Cuppies

Blueberry Cheese with Blueberry Butter Cream plus Fresh Raspberry

I've been honored to work on designing movie collaterals with one of Indonesia's brilliant film maker recently. In order to express my gratitude, I'm thinking of making Blueberry cheese cup cake for them and also Tiramisu Cup (got the recipe from Dapur Bunda Inong-R.I.P, thank you Bunda).

Meanwhile, I had a chance to meet up my dearest friend from college.. Just a quick and small reunion. We're having lunchtime at RUSTIQUE Plaza Senayan. Such a nice ambience and the food was great too. Love the plain caesar salad and we shared that Spanish food (I forgot the name arrgggh..) which has full of seafood in it and also I had a main course of Ribs (whattt?? so many :P).

I also gave an individual packing of this blueberry cup cake to them (unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the package). Hope they like the cakes though, and yes we did have a nice chit chat time as always :D

Topping-Blueberry Butter Cream plus Fresh Raspberry

I used the same cheese cake recipe I did before, but had adjustment a bit by adding more grams to the cream cheese (yes this time the cheese felt very well). Oh ya did you notice those purple circle about to pops out from the cake? No no it's not a raisin, It's an actual blueberry fruits (canned) that I put before topping it with butter cream. So the cup cake would be like this:
  • Cheese cake
  • Blueberry palleta & Blueberry canned fruits
  • Blueberry butter cream
  • Fresh Raspberry for garnish
It's such a sweet taste but you could feel it's still refreshing (not that bulky feeling after eating a sweet cake) :D.