Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Cooking Time: Salmon & Chicken

Been long time not cooking any serious dishes, so this year, starting at the beginning month in 2010, my goal for this year is to cook when it comes to weekend. I had this frozen salmon and chicken in the fridge from last week (ha ha it's frozen because it wasn't meant too be that long staying on the fridge), so I'm gonna cook them for this weekend before it's got expired :P

To be honest I don't really know what spices goes for what... so basically just cook and add this and that to the dishes. Not very good huh? But who cares.. as long as the taste turns right afterall..I think it's OK to put anything and being experimental.

Sambel Korek

Sambel Korek (wannabe)

Start with making a chilli to company the dishes. There's this chili sauce at Bebek H. Slamet (a famous fried duck restaurant in Jakarta) which taste so powerful. I'm trying to make one at home, needs to put something but don't know what (yet) to make it the same taste (or nearly is good already).

The salmon was cut into cube, and seasoned with fish sauce, lime and oyster sauce. Pour in minced garlic and ginger in hot oil, then add the salmon. Adding more sauce, salt and pepper to taste. Done.

Salmon with Oyster & Sweet soya sauce

Salmon with oyster sauce

For the chicken, I marinated them with olive oil, lime leave, Lemon grass, salt and pepper. When it's grilled, add sweet soy sauce to the chicken several times until it's brown and cooked.

Grilled Sweet Chicken

Grilled Chicken with Sweet Soya Sauce

Served with warm white rice and a cold ice tea. Let's eat! :D