Friday, September 19, 2008

4 Pudings for Break Fasting

Heloo to All my muslim friends, bloggers.. How's your fasting going? I hope it's all good.. Same here, I always enjoy (love-actually) when it comes to Ramadhan month. Seems like everything turns peacefully, eventhough the traffic is NOT.. I guess It becomes more and more insane!!!..Specially after office hour.. It's like everyone try to run as fast as they could to get home before Maghrib time, so they could break fasting at Home with their family..

Orange Mousse Puding

Lucky me (to be precised-I'm Blessed), I don't have to go out to office or came home while everyone's also trying to get home from office.. While, I'm working at home :) Yes, my office is at home. Looking back 4 years before I was in the middle of that traffic jam also, trying to get home as soon as I could..(which was soo rare being home on time).. I'm so Thankful and Blessed that I don't have to be stuck on that 'traffic jam' anymore.. ^_^

Mocca Mousse Puding with Chocolate Vla

Anyway, Nini (my working partner) has this tradition each year, sending some finger foods or 'jajanan pasar' to our client for their break fasting. This time, we'll do it different. Since I'm into baking now, instead of buyingI'm gonna do our own dessert for them.

Almond Puding with Fruit Coctail

I had this book 'all about Puding' and looks all so refreshing! Wanted to try it one by one, so I decided to make one or two from the recipe. Also, since I'm joining this Culinary Group called NCC-Indonesia, I also make one of the most favorite puding (Almond Puding) which I got the recipe from NCC's site.

Mocca Mousse Puding with Vanilla Vla

I made 4 kinds of Puding:
  • Orange Mousse Puding with Vanilla Vla
  • Almond Puding with Fruit Coctail
  • Mocca Mousse Puding with Vanilla Vla
  • Mocca Mousse Puding with Chocolate Vla
I went to bought this glass at nearest Bake Shop, which I thought would be perfect for the Puding. Each recipe could fit into 12 glasses, which is good. Turns out I love making Puding! Gonna do other flavor next time.

All Pudings - so refreshing!

Enjoy Break Fasting everyone :)