Friday, February 1, 2008

Blueberry Cheese Cuppies

Blueberry Cheese with Blueberry Butter Cream plus Fresh Raspberry

I've been honored to work on designing movie collaterals with one of Indonesia's brilliant film maker recently. In order to express my gratitude, I'm thinking of making Blueberry cheese cup cake for them and also Tiramisu Cup (got the recipe from Dapur Bunda Inong-R.I.P, thank you Bunda).

Meanwhile, I had a chance to meet up my dearest friend from college.. Just a quick and small reunion. We're having lunchtime at RUSTIQUE Plaza Senayan. Such a nice ambience and the food was great too. Love the plain caesar salad and we shared that Spanish food (I forgot the name arrgggh..) which has full of seafood in it and also I had a main course of Ribs (whattt?? so many :P).

I also gave an individual packing of this blueberry cup cake to them (unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the package). Hope they like the cakes though, and yes we did have a nice chit chat time as always :D

Topping-Blueberry Butter Cream plus Fresh Raspberry

I used the same cheese cake recipe I did before, but had adjustment a bit by adding more grams to the cream cheese (yes this time the cheese felt very well). Oh ya did you notice those purple circle about to pops out from the cake? No no it's not a raisin, It's an actual blueberry fruits (canned) that I put before topping it with butter cream. So the cup cake would be like this:
  • Cheese cake
  • Blueberry palleta & Blueberry canned fruits
  • Blueberry butter cream
  • Fresh Raspberry for garnish
It's such a sweet taste but you could feel it's still refreshing (not that bulky feeling after eating a sweet cake) :D.

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