Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Yes, I'm 32 Years Old now! Growing older, but still young at heart (hopefully for always) :D
Remembering 10 years back then, I was just finished my college at Sydney and back for good to Jakarta then started looking for a job as a Graphic Designer.

And now, 10 years latter, I'm here in front of my own new imac 22", already working independently from home (still as a Graphic Designer) and a mom to 5 years old son.

There's no other word that I could describe than 'Blessed'...
I've been Blessed by Allah S.W.T for the life that I live in... At this age, I'm in a good health (10 times better than I was younger, absolutely!), I have a great-loving husband.. a wonderful son..a close family..and you, all my dearest friends.

Wouldn't trade anything for all the blessing that I have :D.. I'm thankful for everything, for better or even worst conditions.. After all, hey..that's life!

..Thank you again Ya Allah.

My Homemade '32' Birthday Cake

By Figo, my 5 y.o son on his favorite white board
(he thought I'm 31 y.o..hehe)

Note: Cake-Chocolate sponge cake soak in rhum, filled and covered with bitter sweet chocolate ganache.

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