Friday, January 13, 2012

Earl Grey Macarons with Salted Caramel

This is so far the best Macarons that I ever tasted (and made)!! Honest!
 Earl Grey Salted Caramel
Earl Grey Macarons with (melting) Salted Caramel

 I got this recipe through this blog food je t'aime, and thank you for inventing this combination. I already had similar Macarons (bought) with a caramel salted filling (but the shell wasn't taste of Earl Grey Tea) and I like it a lot! So when I saw this recipe, I was so happy and couldn't wait to give it a try. I love Earl Grey Tea so much because of its fragrant. I think I like it more than Jasmine Tea's fragrant.

My K A
The silver chrome.. Oh How I Love the way you look :P

Last time I made an Orange with Ginger Macarons still the recipe was from Primarasa book. The taste was so so, not really my favorite. I think I'm gonna create something with Orange but with different combination later. Beside on the taste, I also made a mistake for not grinding the almond powder really well. It turned out like a disaster. When its baked the shell was cracked, no frilly feet, etc. This got me thinking that, Macarons is really about being obey to the detail and consistency.

Macs before into the Oven
Piping to the Silpat - Somehow I'm getting better on making those same size circles

My Oven
Preheat the oven into 160 C

Anyway, I got all the ingredients for this one and ready to make it. This time I aged the egg white more than 1 day on the fridge (2 days I guess, I forgot). And before using it, I usually keep it on room temperature until it's not cold anymore. Using my basic macaron recipe (I don't use the ingredients measurement as in the blog) and adjust it by adding the Earl Grey Tea.

The exciting part was when making the Caramel! I never (really never) had made caramel before. I don't know why I haven't give it a try. I think because I'm not really a big fan of it. But until this's just changed my mind :P. It was written clearly on the recipe and turns out really easy to make. And the best part is when you combine the sea salt into the caramel. When they both incorporated... Ooh you just can't stop tasting it! I swear If I'm not on my healthy diet, I'd have this everyday!

Caramel Sauce
Making the caramel sauce while waiting

 This time I grind the almond powder until it has no lump at all (I get rid off it). And the egg white was already beaten until it's stiff. The almond & egg white were fold correctly and have watery based after. Resting until it's formed (more than1 hour). Done! Into the oven... let's see how it goes.

Almost There
Inside the oven.. Almost there...

The Happy Feet
Every time I look at this, I couldn't stop smiling

The Macaron raised really good and has a pretty feet again! Although it was not as frilly the first one, I'm quite happy with it :D. I never try to pick off the macarons from baking paper just after it came out from the oven. I usually wait until it's really cool down. This macarons made in two batch with different baking sheet.  One using baking paper, the other one using Silpat. Turns out, the one which using Silpat has a really nice bottom instead of the other. I keep all on an airtight container and give the caramel filling the day after. And Yes, It was Really really good!

Earl Grey Salted Caramel
Earl Grey Macarons.. oh the fragrant!

My hubby is the best tester, because he would honestly say "great" if it's great and "not" if it's really not that good. This one he said really good (beside the lemon macarons), he likes it!. The next day I brought this to my friends and had some too for my friend's birthday. They like it too. Just today my sister came by and she also try this, she said this is the best taste ever too! Unfortunately it's only one left, so she couldn't have more :P

Earl Grey Salted Caramel
The melting salted caramel

I'm so happy with the taste results. This is definitely will be my favorite Macarons!


food je t'aime said...

glad to see the recipe worked out well for you! :)


Hi food je t'aime, thank you for passing by here and thanks again for sharing a great recipe! :)

henny'scooking said...

Salam kenal ya mbak.. aku kebetulan lg cari standing stove . Boleh tahu mbak pake oven merek apa ? THanks


Halo mba Henny, salam kenal juga. Saya pakai standing stove merk Technogas. :) Thank you.