Monday, July 28, 2008

My 2nd Order of Macarons

My Friend went to Singapore and I would not want to miss this occasion to order (again) another macarons from Evan ( Besides that, my friend also made an order so totally we ordered 3 sets of mini macarons (That's total of 9 boxes, each box contains 12 mini macarons with 3 kinds of flavors)..isn't that a great offer or what?!!..

Macarons-black sesame & chocolate valrhona flavor

One of the thing that impressed me, the macarons last 1 week on the fridge and still taste great. Why 1 week? Coz I kindda safe it night after night to eat it haha.. while my friend got it on the fridge for almost 2 weeks! which was still fine and the taste still the same! Here are some photos of the last 2 boxes I got.. Arrgghh I could still smell the orange poppyseed, the sesame and the Valrhona Chocolate!! They're all delicioso!

Macarons-graine de pavot (orange poppyseed) & pistachio

Macarons-black sesame, chocolate valrhona, caffe,
graine de pavot (orange poppyseed), pistachio flavor - Aren't they all looks georgeous?

Thank you so much Evan for your effort on our last minutes order. Will repeat orders when we get there again hehe :D

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