Thursday, December 27, 2007

Edible Image

I've been thinking to try edible image on cupcake for long time, but haven't got the right moment to try it. Until on 27th, my friend's son had his 4th birthday. He is so into Thomas & Friends. It's been 2 years that he adores that blue train and the gank.

My friend told me, that he already knows every character and have lots of each character's toy at home and not to mention also the books. One day I got a chance to heard him telling me the story from the book. It's so cute to hear his voice (still like baby voice) but telling you story about Thomas and pronounce it very good in English. Everytime they went to KidzStation, the section that he always ran into is that Thomas & Friends corner. Like my friend said, in his dictionary will always be Long live Thomas & Friends!! Ha ha ha... :D

So I got this idea of giving him a present, Thomas & Friends Cup Cakes. I got the images through the internet and playing it a bit on Photoshop. I made order to print edible from Mba Ina@La Rizz (to tell you, she's very recommended, because the order was done very quick) and the printed color turned as bright as I wanted to.

Not much for decorations (only borders with matching colors) then I shipped it to my friend's house. Hopefully Wilson likes the cake and specially because it's Thomas & Friends.

Happy Birthday Wilson!

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