Friday, July 31, 2009

Strawberry Milkshakes

I was saying before that this morning the weather is a little bit cool.. but when it comes to noon..It's totally the opposite!.. Oh my.. the sun is shining on its highest! And I think this is also unusual weather. Jakarta is almost hot everyday.. but today, it's absolutely hot than ever!..In fact, couple days during this week is the same when it's at noon. So terribly hot, you can't even feel if there's any wind. :(

I thought I need something fresh before I got dehydration (I also drink lots and lots of water). Happens that I still have a fresh strawberry juice, strawberry fruits and a milk. So I made a strawberry milkshake without adding any sugar on it.

Don't know where I got the idea to put just a squeezed of Lemon, and the taste is quite good.
So refreshing!

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