Thursday, July 2, 2009

Morning Coffee

My beloved camera just RIP :"(. I really love my Kodak Easysharing. It's not really small, thin camera, but I love its capable of capturing moments (sounds like an ad). But it's true! All pictures here were taken with my beloved Kodak in outdoor (in front of my house). I've own it for 7 years already! Wow! it's actually really 'strong' huh? So it's sad if you've already attached to something for that long and you have to let go (since it's broken).

Well the sadness musn't be too long. I got a replacement for it (new camera), so I could take pictures again and up load it to my blog. This time I wanna try Lumix Leica from Panasonic. Still exploring how to use it, but I think I'm gonna love this new camera too.

So, let's have a coffee first welcoming my new camera :)

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