Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Crispy Rice Chocolate Cookies

Having a left over cookie dough in my fridge (and yes, it's still a lot), I'm thinking to make the rest of the dough another cookie shaped this night. Happens the cookie already turns too dry, and I'm kindda lazy to roll them first and then shaped them with cookie cutter.. not to mention to decor it with icing sugar afterwards.. Aarrggh just too many steps and not enough time.

So I ran to one of my fave blog, and saw this recipe that I could try using these ready dough. I had this box of rice chocolate cereal for my son, but he doesn't really like the taste compares to other chocolate cereal. Inspired by the recipe, I just mix some melted chocolate into the dough (to make it stickier again) and just add more chocolate chip and those rice chocolate crispy.

After that, just like making usual cookies lay them into baking tray and bake them around 15-20 minutes. Taste wise, I should have put the melted chocolate more, so they would taste more chocolatey. Despite on that, I like how the rice chocolate brings a crispy sensation! It's just something new. Will try other time with the real recipe as posted in the blog. Thanks for sharing Mamin :)

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