Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Hot Afternoon with Cold Coffee (and Chocolate)

For months I've been doing all mostly in chocolate (cookies, cupcakes, cookies) I must have been overwhelmed by chocolate.. Who wouldn't anyway? :D

I saw these chocolate bar called "Monggo".. as in Javanese language could means "Yes Please". I was interested not only because of the name but also the packaging which I think it's simple and nice. And mostly I'm surprised that this chocolate made from local, Yogyakarta. Cool..

One hot afternoon I enjoy it with a really cold Starbucks Frappuccino. Hmmm... :)


miund said...

wowwww mamakkk... coklat monnggo is my favorite! :D

di circle K banyak dan selalu apdet dibanding di supermarket biasa. cek cek ombak deh ke sana walau banyak alay di depannya huahauhauhauhau :D


iyaaa enyak yaa..ACBI: Aku Cinta Buatan Indonesia :D

huahahahaha alay...lmao :D