Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pinkylicious Cuppies

I haven't made cake for some times ('sigh').. I guess I'm too busy with all the deadlines. Thank God it's all been done and I have time to 'breathe' and relax just a little bit. I still have stocks of Cream Cheese on my fridge. Looking at the expire date..Oh my, it's just a view week from now. So I'm gonna try to make a Cheese Cup Cake from a recipe that I've got on the net, before those cheese got expired!.

From what I've tasted, I think the recipe needs to be adjust, because after the cake's baked, I couldn't taste any of 'cheese' in it. Luckily, there's a hint of Lemon that stands a bit and make the cakes taste it's OK laahh.

After all, I don't want it to taste very plain, so I add a filling of Strawberry Paleta and a fresh Raspberry in it, which has made it more interesting than before. For topper, I used Strawberry buttercream, so overall it tastes Creamy, just a little bit sweet (coz I'm not a fan of too sweet kinda cake)..but when it gets to innards, you'll get a 'blast but not too sour yet refreshing taste' from the raspberry fruit.

I used Wilton 1M to make a Rose Swirl (it's my first time making it on cuppies--not too bad for a beginner ey? :D), and I just amazed with those tips.. they've created a really nice shape by itself.. All you have to do just follow the instruction. Really want to put a big applause to those who've invented those tips :D

For final touch, sprinkle some purple hearts on it.. So here they are..enjoy these Pinkylicious Cuppies :)

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