Saturday, January 26, 2008

Orange & Rosemary Glazed Chicken

At last! I'm posting other than's a cooking dishes! (hehe..still the same though). I've been craving to try this recipe so bad, since I'm an orange lover! And beside, looking at the pictures on the recipe just keep making me drooling :P. Finally, this weekend (after grocery shopping last night at citos) I'm doing this recipe for lunch and also dinner.

Thanks to Titi from who's been so generous to share the recipe. I always love to try foreign recipe (not that I don't love Indonesian Food), they all came up with a simple ingredients and all you have to do just mixed them and toss it to the oven! No stirring with greasy oil and stuff. It's more healthier when you use less cooking oil (except if you're using Olive oil, which in Indonesia is not a common oil to cook, beside..who wants to deep fry using Olive oil anyway? since it's also too pricey than other ordinary cooking oil :P).

I'm having trouble finding that rosemary herbs..I have watched all the herbs closely last night, still couldn't find a tag written: ROSEMARY.. Luckly I brought the recipe along, so I looked again closely from the picture hoping that I could find a similar shape of herbs there. I dunno if it's the right one (since I've never use Rosemary)..I found this herb hanging inside a small plastic bag, but it doesn't have anything say on it (describing what kind of herb is it).. With my gambling thoughts, I'm pretty sure it does look and has the same shape as in the recipe, so I grab the plastic and carry on shopping.

Anyway, I used lots of oranges and add bits of lemons in the chicken (that's why you couldn't barely see the chicken, because it all covered with slices of orange Ha ha :D). I forgot to put the rosemary as garnish, but it did tasted..Oww..DELICIOSO!!!. My husband came home from his weekend warrior biking with his friends nearly at dinner time and he got sooo hungry. I told him that I cooked but it's kindda experimenting (not the usual dishes he eats)..but he said it's OK, lemme try it first. I gave him a slice from my chicken, and he said..."Hmmm..Delicious!!!"..Wow he likes it!! I'm so so Glad! We had dinner with a new menu. I think this is gonna be our next favorite menu. And to be honest, I almost lick my plate to finish the orange gravy and eat up all the oranges with the skin on!!! Thanks again for sharing a great yet simple recipe Ti!

p.s: for recipe, just click on the title

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Ti said...

Im glad you like it and successful with the recipe :) im happy to share all my recipe to everyone, sure you can link it, i'll tell you if i find another recipe with the orange ^_^