Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making Homemade Pizza is Easy!

Yes, I'm telling you the truth! This has been our family's weekend menu for couple years, since I could make a dough (obviously). People usually surprised when they heard about 'making Pizza', with homemade dough. Why bother making one when you could buy a ready dough? I tell you...Why not? :D Besides, buying 1 pizza now will cost you like 2 days lunch meal.. I thought why even bother buying any when we could make one? ha ha :D

There are many kind of Dough recipe, but I found this one (not the one on this video) and never tried different recipe ever since. This recipe has result that I wanted; a thin based pizza.

So here I am showing you step by step how to make Pizza. But I missed taking photo while making dough, but you could see it from this video how to make a pizza dough. Basically it's the same.

One good thing of making homemade Pizza is you could have any toppings that you desire. And pour on generous amounts of Cheese, Beef, Mushroom.. anything you name it.

I've never make a step by step photograph before (well actually just once). Surprisingly, I kinda like it! Note to my self: Buy a Tripod soon! This will help a lot for curing a stiff knee from bending on the floor too long. Ha Ha :D

Step 1: Pizza Dough
Prepare a dough to what size of pan that you desired - I made a small and medium size Pizza

Step 2: Rolling
Roll the dough to round shape

Step 3: Dressing Pizza
Prepare the dressing

Spread tomato paste/sauce on the base, in my recipe said to spread the mozzarella cheese first on the based to make all the ingredients stay in place, I didn't do this but the result is still okay.
Put any kind of dressing that you like (beef, sausage, chicken, tuna, spinach, mushroom, capsicum, etc). Then spread the mozzarella cheese on top (in generous amounts if you want to get that melted sensation when the pizza is ready).

Step 4 - Baking
Ready to bake - My Pizza in Mini size with mushroom, spinach and onion

Step 5 - Served
Fresh from di oven, ready to serve

Step 6 - Enjoy!

See.. I told you it's not that hard. :D You could enjoy Pizza in your own way, and save money from dining out Pizza at the same time.. isn't that good?


For dough recipe click here

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