Monday, June 9, 2008

Coblos Cinta Cup Cakes

Cup cakes and some of the collaterals

Finally..after a very short time to develop a movie collaterals with a very very tight deadline (1 month only after the photo session!)..The project's done..I'm free from working overtime and free from sleeping at least only 4 hours a day!! yeyy.. It's an exhausting job but I'm really glad I did it and finished all on time :D.

Girls Rules

We (me and my friends) went to see the Gala Premiere on May 28.. The crowd were full of young stars (since this movie for teenagers) and somehow I felt like one of them..haha (you wished!). I got a chance took some photos with the casts, and we did have a great time. The film itself was light and funny kind of story..although It wasn't great..but I think I could appreciate the directors who wanted to bring a romantic comedy film in different way.

Boys Rules

The cupcakes made for the Film company as my gratitude and I also made a Cremé Tiramisu for Mandy, who gave me the job and being a very nice client :D. The graphic was done taking some of the cast pics, and since the color theme is Pink and yellow, so I made the same colors as in the cupcakes. Last, thanks to Ina Larizz for printing the edible image.

Cup cakes in the box, ready to deliver

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