Monday, June 9, 2008

My Journey Finding a Great Macarons


At last, we've (Me, Hubby and my son) arrived at Singapore. And my first to do list is to buy a good macarons that I had longing from last November 2007.

The story begins when I accidentally found this singaporean blogger ( who made cup cakes, cakes and macarons! First I didn't know what macarons are..but after I browse a lot here there looking info about it..I kinda know what it is after all. I did try to make it but I just couldn't make it right.. Desperately want to taste it so I tried to search whether it's sold in town.

Sembawang MRT - exactly 45 minutes from BUGIS

When I knew macarons was sold at this popular local bakery called B****Z*N. Me & my friend, Nini, ran over there and tried the macarons... We tried this Ispahan, blueberry, and Foret Noire. But somehow it wasn't like what we've expected. It's darn too sweet, sweet and sweet. Even if you already put it in the's still too sweet. I'm not a very sweet tooth kind of person..For me, something too sweet just making me feel a bit dizzy.

Sembawang MRT - The meeting point to collect the macarons

But I do feel and hope these macarons from bossacafez are different. From what I've seen the customer/friends who ordered from her, it has lots more of flavors and they're all look so mouth watering!!!.. I just made a promise to my self that when I'm going to Spore, I will definitely buy those things for sure!

Sat June 7, I'm leaving from hotel at 5.00 to the MRT station and go right away to Sembawang area where I will collect my macarons. I've already email asking about the flavor, etc, with Evangeline (owner of dessert couture and the blog also) before I go to Singapore. I'm so excited and yes, Evan was really helpful guiding me to choose which flavor that suite me most. The journey took about 45 minutes from where I left (from Bugis MRT Station) and I arrived 15 minutes earlier. Sembawang is a really nice suburb.. Rain was pouring half of the day in Singapore so the weather is a bit chill and windy. Glad I wore my pink jacket and that's also my clothing 'code' for Evan so she could easily find me :D

Macarons by - Aren't they gorgeous?

Finally I met the girl..I'm such a fan of her haha..If you see her cakes, macarons, cup cakes all have been created with neat and perfect!. Specially her food photography oohh just amazed me :). I'm so glad that we finally met and we had chit chat a bit. She also recommend me to go to the local bakery shop that sold nice packaging for cup cakes..I already did go there before, in the afternoon, with hubby and my son. I bought some packaging, candies and sprinkles there. Wish I have more money that I could spend more haha..

Enjoying Mango Macarons while waiting my plane at Changi Airport

Anyway..the macarons taste Great! It just blew the taste when I first taste macarons from that popular bakery shop.. The tiny sizes just make it even more easier to eat and the sweetness is just right for me! My favorites are the Graine de Pavot (orange poppy seed) and Cafe Noissete flavor. I ate it almost 1.5 boxes just for my self at the hotel, my hubby took just 2..they're all miiine!!!haha..I finished the half box tomorrow, while I'm waiting my plane at Changi Airport.

Macarons Flavors: Mango, Fraise, Macha, Caffe Noisette, Graine de Pavot, Chai Spice

I gave other 3 boxes to my friend Nini, after I arrived at Jakarta. Luckily the macarons stay as yummy as it was the 1st day I got them, and they taste even better when you put it on the fridge! My friend and her family loving it too.. Somehow it's a different idea for a 'souvenir' from Singapore :)

Macarons - One bite is never enough...Trust me!

Thanks so much Evan for the macarons.. I'm sure gonna buy other flavors whenever I come to Singapore again :D..

PS: check out her blog for more cool cakes and pics at
and her cakery shop


Nini said...

YESS!!! I love them all. Even my son loves them too... He ate all the bright colors macarons... :). Now, I still have 4 more macarons. I'm just keeping them for tonight snack...
Thank you findrie for your sweet souvenir... yummy!

Lucy said...

lovely! they look delicious! if you've ever looking for amazing macarons, i recommend 'MANON' in kelapa gading. They're absolutely amazing - best in town without a doubt.

By the way, I love your blog.


Thank you Lucy.. yes I've heard about Manon in kelapa gading, so far lots of good reviews about their macarons. Would love to try it someday :)