Friday, June 13, 2008

My Son's 6th Birthday

My Son's 6th Birthday Cake

Yes, I did it! I made a birthday cake for my son's 6th Birthday!. I know it's not a spectacular cake and far from perfect..but I'm glad I finally achieve my goals to make a birthday cake for my son this year. This is why I'm so into baking from last year. I had this goal in mind that I have to learn making cakes so when my son's having his birthday, I could make one for him (not buying anymore).

My plan was to make a number cake for my son's birthday cake. Not knowing how to make number '6'..I tried to browse internet but still couldn't find the answer. Luckily, I'm in this group called NCC and one day I read an email which a mom asking about making cake number 6 for her son's birthday too. I remember one of the member replied and gave her attachment about picture how to make number cake from 1,2, etc. Oh wow what a coincidence! I'm so glad that I join the group so that I could learn a lot from it about baking stuff. So, I have prepared my self and plan which day I will make the cake.

The Base for Cup Cake Box…

… and Thank You Tag - Designed by moa :)

Basically I have to bake two shape of cake and then combine it.. I think it's gonna be easy..but when the day has come..I'm having a really really hectic day because of works!!! I don't have much time to prepare it days before.. I'm still hoping that I could make that number, but thinking about the time and effort..arrggh I'm so hopeless that I wouldn't make it in time.

So then I went to Titan buying the ingredients and also a plastic box for the goody bag (I'm planning to give a single cup cake for Figo's class mates). The boxes were completed, check!. And now for the tin.. I have to buy round tin and square one.. but when I got into the tin section..I couldn't believe my eyes that they did sale tins in number shape!!! My God..I was surprise and totally want to jump around..They also had number 6!! or 9!!! never's the same anyway.. Oh I'm so so Glad coz this will save my time much much more for making it!!! Thank God!!!

For the Boys - Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache innards
Topped with buttercream, Blue and Green M&Ms

We'll be having the celebration on 12th June at Figo's class (Figo's actually birthday is June 8, but it's Sunday and we're still at Singapore, so couldn't celebrate it in Jakarta anyway). So I started making it 1 day before, from noon (after I finished working) until 3.00 am. Yes, damn right it took so long and I had to sleep only for 3 hours then.. But I'm saying for my self.."If I was wiling for not having enough sleep because handling my working job, so I should do the same to finish this for my own son!!!"..

For the Girls - Lemon cake with strawberry paletta innards
Topped with buttercream, Orange and Yellow M&Ms

I don't know much (yet) about decorating cake, but I do want to make it simple but still colorful..and it goes along with the collaterals I made (cup cake base, tag, flag). So I just use M&Ms as the decoration. Simple and colorful, I like :D. The Birthday cake was ready at 3.00 am and so half of the cup cakes (28 pieces).. 13 were done, only 15 more to go to decorate it..I'll do it on the next morning. Just couldn't bear with my sleepy eyes...

At 7.00 am, I'm starting to decorate again..Thanks for my assistant and hubby's cousin who live with us also, they helped me to do the packaging and stuff (I did the prototype and they did the rest)..I couldn't finish it just all by my self.. Then exactly at 10.45 am cake arrived safely at Figo's school. It's so funny when the kids see me carrying the birthday of them asked me "Figo Mom, Did you make the cake by your self?".. and I'm so glad I could answer "Yes I did dear :D"..

When I opened it, Figo (who hasn't seen the cake yet this morning) and all his friends was surprised and said "Woowww...".. I feel so proud to my self (still even it's far from perfect) but I could make my son's feeling happy and proud of his 'mom's homemade' birthday cake.

The Number 6, on package

Happy Birthday my dearest son..Semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu, semakin pintar, menjadi anak yang sholeh dan selalu di ridhoi oleh Allah S.W.T. Amiinnn.


vivi said...

mba findrie, itu bkn dudukan boxnya gimana ya? pake kertas apa? lg pengen bkn dudukan seperti itu, iih rapii banget :D


Mama Vino, aku pakai kertas Art Carton 230 gr (kalau mau kokoh cari kertas yg diatas 180gr) atau bisa juga cari karton duplex di toko2 buku, lalu dipotong2 manual dan di bentuk sendiri deh hehe..Makacii dibilang rapi..asli' ini project kebut semalam hehe..

Simplicity said...

oi cakep banget serius..
gue demen liat yg warna2 ceria gitu..uhh tp dsini kg pernah liat plastik mika gitu susah deh..


Hi Foni, thanks ya.. kalo pas pulang ke indo borong ajah hehe :D

Ayu Wibisono said...

Hi,Mama Pindi (or Findrie)..aku Ayu yg terpesona melihat cupcake untuk ultah Figo..So beautiful.Boleh tau gimana bikin kotak2 mika2nya??And also,thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us.I visit your blog so often.It's candy for my eyes.


Hi Ayu thanks udh mampir..duh jadi ge-er nih.. I'm still learning bikin2 cake trust me :) Kalau kotak mika plastik-nya beli di TBK Yu, aku cuma bikin based-nya aja untuk dudukan si cup cake. Basically aku bikin ukurannya lalu desain warna-warniin sesuai yg di mau di comp, lalu tinggal minta di print deh di digital printing (SUBUR) pakai kertas art carton (spy kokoh). Sesdh di print, motong2 en bentuk2 kotak based-nya sendiri.. Cape sii but puass karena hasil karya sndiri utk anak hehe.
Thanx for your kind words, means a lot to me.. :D

vs said...

TBK Yu dimana ya kalau boleh tau??