Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Choux Pastry

This is my 5th time making it, and I think I'm getting better for understanding the 'raising' shape that it should be. It's so easy to make and you could add any kind of filling into it. I'm trying to be more creative for the filling, and try not to use the ussual vanilla custard (which is I like it so much and there's nothing wrong with it).

For the filling, I made a strawberry cream blend with some chopped fresh raspberry (Yes, as I said before, I'm such a strawberry fanatic). It's such a fresh taste and it's best to consume right away from the refrigerator. I Think, this is the kind of snack that has a label 'One is never enough'...

Petite Choux Pastry - so small and so cute

I made 2 batches, 1st one is the bite/petite size.. it turns out really cute..happy with the shape. The 2nd batch s the normal size, but I think it's still smaller than normal size. I like to make something that it goes right through your mouth easily.

Normal size Choux Pastry - 5 pieces in the box

I also made a packaging (actually only wrapping a plastic hehe), using that nicely design plastic box I've mentioned before. Each box contains 5 'kue sus'. I send it to my working partner, Nini and my sister, Sendy. The feedback that I got from my sis, she likes the taste which is something new, and asked me whether I'm gonna sell it or not?..hehe.. we'll see :)

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