Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cappuccino Mousse Puding

I had this Book about Puding for almost 2 years already..But I only have tried one recipe from the book. The reason why I bought this book was because I like the design and photograph. As a Graphic Designer, I don't know why I always get interested with books by looking on the cover first. If it has a good and eye catching lay out, then I will grab it to see it. If it has a combination of good photograph and layout and with a really good choice of typography..I surely will grab it even more faster.

A really nice doff plastic, with a nice typography.
It's simple but yet it looks so modern!

This week is gonna be another hectic week. I'm in this another big project for movie, doing their design collaterals..which is yippeee I love it a lot!. Almost every night I came to bed at 2.00 a.m or even worst..when Shubuh time's come! :(. Don't have time to fall asleep the morning after, giving me an idea of making something that I could eat in the morning but keep me stay up through the day. Then I turned into my Puding Book. I really have to try this Cappuccino Puding. Instead of drinking it which has been so obvious, I'd like to turn it into something different when consume it.

Back to the Book cover things..Yes, I do look on the book by its cover. I always had this motto together with my college best friend, Ira.."Don't judge a Book by It's cover..But by It's Design'..it surely works for me :D. This is also comes to my interest whenever I went to a Bake Shop. I like to see those cake packaging or whatever has a nice design on it. Something that's simple, or even colorful but it's still looks good. I found this plastic box, which has a really nice design and it's got this nice wording with a really nice type face. Finally! I've never seen such a nice packaging like this before. It's like I wanna meet who made this and shake their hand for being completely concern for design hehe :P So.. I couldn't help my self to buy those nice plastic box several sets.

A Cappuccino Puding with chocolate.
Keeping me up for the whole day...for sure!

And the good thing is, it fits to my Cappuccino Puding. I don't have any milk left, so I didn't make the fla..I replaced it with whipped cream, which is also goes along with the 'coffee' taste.
Now I have my morning coffee in a Puding-way :D

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