Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Dad's Bday Cake

It's very unique having 3 people in the family with the same birth date. My Hubby, My Dad and My Sister in law, they're all born on March 14. I made two Birthday Cake for my Dad (coz we're celebrating on my parent's house). One is Chocolate Cake and the other is Strawberry Japanese Cheese Cake. One thing that I have to learn more, is to make a smooth chocolate glaze to cover the cake. I saw a really good one at famous cakery shop in Mall, and still wondering how they did it. The chocolate is really smooth, so smooth that it's reflected things around it! I will find the way and will do it next time for sure.

However, I brought them in the afternoon to my Dad's house and the next day it's all gone.. So glad everyone was pleased by those cakes :D

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