Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cuppies for a Dear Friend

I made Strawberry JCC cup cake for one of my dearest Friend. We used to work at the same office, 5 years ago.. Even though we're not working at the same place anymore but still, we keep in touch and did some Design projects together. She's younger than me, but what I admire of her, she has lots and lots of potential.. She did great in Graphic Design, Advertising and now, she's become one of the most talented, young and rising female director (in my opinion..but I think you would too). I've seen her art work recently on TV, from music videos to 30 seconds Ad...still couldn't imagine how she got all the creativity in her mind!

Strawberry JCC with Edible on top

Happy Birthday my dear friend, my text messaging mate (when most of the time those messaging were absolutely nothing important to talk about!!!Ha ha ha...) I wish you all the best from health, luck, life, wealth and also...a Loving Partner for Life! :D Muach..muach..

Note: Cake-Japanese Cheese Cake, filled with fresh strawberry and strawberry paleta, covered with buttercream.

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