Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tiramisu Baileys

Forgive me my blog, I have neglected you for such a long time :P

Before we end this year 2011, I made a promise to myself to write one or two post. So here it is.

My friend brought me a bottle of Mint Baileys when she came back from Egypt. In returns, I promised her to make something from it. Since it's her birthday, I'm thinking of making her a Baileys Tiramisu for a birthday dessert.
Tiramisu Baileys

I took the recipe from my friend's blog which was adapted from Donna Hay's Book.
The ingredients was simple and it's so easy to make.
I'm using a single square plastic glass, so it'll be easy to consume.


1/2 cup strong espresso coffee -I used Excelso black coffee

1/2 cup coffee liqueur -I used Baileys Mint

16 sponge fingers -cut and arrange to fit the glass

cocoa powder for dusting


250 gr mascarpone cheese -I used Yummy Mascarpone Cheese

1 1/2 cup single cream

3 tbsp icing sugar, sifted

Directions :

1. To make filling: whisk mascarpone cheese a bit set a side. Whisk cream & icing sugar together and until light & creamy, then add mascarpone cheese.

2. Combine the coffee & liquor. Quickly dip both sides of the sponge finger halves in the coffee mixture and arrange them on the bottom of glasses.

3. Pour half the filling on top of it. Dip the remaining sponge fingers and place on top of the cream layer. Spoon over remaining filling and dust heavily with cocoa powder before serving. refrigerate until required.

Tiramisu Baileys

I soaked the bottom sponge with lots of liquor on it, and the upper side with a bit lighter taste on liquor (more on the coffee taste). This will give you a dimension while you're eating the Tiramisu. You'll get more liquor sensation when you eat the bottom part.

Tiramisu Baileys

I'm so Glad that my friend like the Tiramisu :D

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