Friday, August 15, 2008

I [heart] Red & White - Celebrating 63 Years of Independence

Last time I browsed to my friend's blog and I saw this Red & White Event's Logo..suddenly I was thinking that it would be fun if I could participate on it as well. The rules are anything that has Red & White on it, whether it's food, stylist, food photography anything that has creative idea on it just bring it on (as it said). Not long after.. happened I found this recipe, a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting which I thought straight away, this would be puuurrrfect cake to get into the theme. So I made a preparation to bake and take the photo after. This time I wanna make sure everything has well prepared and I'll do it ontime..unlike some contest I most likely did it in last minute :( But from now on, I promise to myself to get organized and be ontime :D

I'm still new in baking and food photography, but yet I could feel the love straight away while taking pics in my very unspacious studio (as writen on previous 'My Studio odong-odong'). Still, as a melancholy I've always tried to make a good photo shoot (in my opinion) and learning from many blogs that have awesome cake, food and food photography as my reference.

I made this cake with no problem at all, since the ingredients not that hard to find. But the hardest part is to get the red color I wanted. Thank God for Wilton's Red Xmas Color, it turns out brilliant after it was baked. The color stands out just what I've expected! So I made it as a 20cm cake and also cup cakes. After it's been decorated put it straight away to the fridge and next day will be a photo session day.

Since I'm only using a daylight as lighting source, so here's the problem. Couple days, afternoon turns to dawn really quick because of the cloudy weather. Practically I get a minim sun light and my best time to take photo when it's afternoon. Wouldn't want to give up too soon, I end up collecting my tea light candles as an alternative lighting. However, turns out I'm having fun while taking the photo. And the good thing is I could make such experiment with it and love how the glow was captured.

After different kind of pose (the photo session took 2 days), and different kind of props, angle, I couldn't decide which I'm gonna submit haha..Isn't that obvious? Couldn't decide which one is the best (again, in my opinion). Hoping that at least 2 photos could be submitted is only a hope, so I decided to enter this photo to the event.

Simply because it's captured the Red and White theme, clean look but yet still festive. Oh ya, the Cream Cheese Frosting stayed very well in the room temperature for 30 minutes (more), specially when it placed very close to the heat from candles and that's why I love using this brand so so much (Bakers Mix) when it comes to Whipped Cream. I had so much fun taking the photos and the best part after is, enjoying the cake while I'm writing this report with a chill starbucks frappucino.

Merdeka Indonesia-ku. Happy 63 Years of Independence!


Dhi said...

Beautiful, beautiful presentation! Beneran bikin ngiler Fin! *slurp*


Wooww Makasiii Mbak Dhi for ur kind words :D

Dita said...

Pindul, slamet ya fotonya menang ;). Cakenya simple tapi tetep cantik, Fin. Gue blun pernah tuh bikin red velvet.

sefa firdaus said...

halo Mama Pindi, salam kenal
selamat ya fotonya menang..
aku kalo jadi jurinya juga milih foto ini, soalnya cantik banget


Ditaaa.. Makasii en Slamat juga yaaa! Semoga mesin jahit-nya jatuh ke tangan elo hehe :)


Hi Sefa, salam kenal juga. Thank you and Congrats too yah fotonya juga menang. Gak sia2 perjuangannya bikin Indonesian Flag hehe

Vania said...

Mama Pindi,
selamat yah. Cakenya bener2 menggoda selera. Gak sia2 ngadain foto sesion 2 hari :D.
To be honest, gw jg nyicil foto2nya :D

Fitri said...

horee...!! skarang yang nonton kebagian sepotong2 yaah..

selamat ya say..


Mba Vania, Thank u and congrats juga yah! Aku seneng deh baca ulasan sambil nikmatin foto2nya yang cantik2 en meraah banget :)


Fitri, thank you banget :) Kalo kita tetanggaan pasti abis pemotretan udah langsung aku kirim deh kue-nya hehehe...

Ayu Wibisono said...

Mama Pindi, selamat ya untuk kemenangannya..Ga heran,emang keren banget..
Tapi..tega nian,karyamu membuat aku ngiler..hi3x..
Any chance to order something yummy from you?? (*muka memelas mode on*)
Keep posted ya mbak, your blog is my daily refreshment.